Looking at Your Crawl Space. Does it Need Repair?

 One place in a home that a person does not think much about crawl space repair. It is just part of the building. Unfortunately, this location, when not taken care of, can not only increase energy costs but cause illnesses as well. It is possible to receive a free inspection of this area from a crawl space contractor in Long Island. He will explain what can be done and provide a free estimate.

crawl space repair

Untreated Crawl Space Problems

Problems from an untreated crawl space can include inflamed allergies, musty or moldy odors, cold floors and other problems. Crawl space encapsulation Long Island (the process of enclosing) is a method of eliminating these problems. This is especially true in the Long Island area.

Another problem with an untreated crawl space is that it provides almost 50% of the home’s air. This means that any pest droppings, mold spores, dust mites or humidity are dispensed through the air you breathe. Therefore, it makes sense to contact a crawl space contractors Long Island company for a no-charge inspection. This will let you know what can be done to correct this problem.


Insulating a Crawl Space

Having space insulation contractors look at the area and explain the advantages and choices available will help you make an informed decision regarding crawl space encapsulation Long Island. It should be noted that if your crawl space is an open area or is vented it cannot be insulated.

A vapor barrier is essential when doing this kind of insulation. It is especially designed to prevent moisture and keep the area dry. Insulation is applied to the foundation wall, rim joist and floor joist area.


Crawl Space Floor

Currently there are excellent crawl space vapor barriers on the market. A crawl space contractors Long Island company will be proud to offer highly effective vapor barriers in well-known brands. Of course, the higher the mil, the more effective the liner will be. Made in the USA, these vapor barriers meet all the rules and regulations for crawl space encapsulation Long Island.

When placed on the floor of the crawl space, crawl space contractors Long Island vapor liner seals the ground and creates a dry area. A vapor barrier contains an antimicrobial material which eliminates mold and protects against other issues that may arise in the area and drift into the house above.


Crawl Space Insulation

Insulation is available in 6, 8,10,12, and 20 Mil weights. All are well known brands and vary in price. Whether you are doing a new insulation or having a crawl space repair Long Island done, the company contacted will thoroughly explain the properties of the materials available and let you choose the type you feel best fits your situation.


Remembers that by having a Crawl Space Repair Long Island company put in new crawl space insulation, or make repairs of materials already in place, you will receive the best service possible. Such a company will be happy to have you visit their website.


Look For:

  • Free Inspection
  • Free Estimates
  • Reasonable prices
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • Are insured and licensed
  • Highly tested materials


Whether you need crawl space repair Long Island or need a new installation, making your crawl space secure with good materials will lower energy costs and help keep your home comfortable for the residents.